Sunday, 11 December 2011

Silverthorne microprocessor

On March 2, 2008, Intel appear a fresh single-core Atom Z5xx alternation processor (code-named Silverthorne) to be acclimated in ultra-mobile PCs/mobile Internet accessories (MIDs) which will abandon Stealey (A100 and A110). The processor is a 47 actor transistor, 25 mm2, sub-3 W IA processor which allows ~2500 chips to fit on a distinct 300 mm bore wafer, acceptance for acutely economical production.

An Atom Z500 processor's dual-thread achievement is agnate to its antecedent Stealey, but should beat it on applications that can use accompanying multithreading and SSE3.20 They run from 0.8 to 2.0 GHz and accept amid 0.65 and 2.4 W TDP appraisement appropriately that can dip bottomward to 0.01 W21 back idle. It appearance a 2-issue accompanying multithreading, 16 date in-order activity with 32 KB apprenticeship L1 and 24 KB abstracts L1 caches, accumulation and amphibian point beheading units, x86 advanced end, a 512 KB L2 accumulation and abstracts transferred at 533 MHz on the front-side bus. The architecture is bogus in 9M 45 nm high-k metal-gate CMOS and housed in a 441-ball µFCBGA package

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